Artist Statement 

I write & produce songs simply to express myself and to capture a specific feeling during a specific time in my life. Writing music is therapy for me. In a sense it keeps me sane. When work is going well, I’m focussed. Instantly I become more confident and gain a great sense of accomplishment. Excitement takes over, lost in my work, three hours pass and it’s 2 in the morning. This feeling is ecstatic, and quite unexplainable. When writing I can emerge into a world where I can say anything that comes to mind and become anyone without being judged for it. Song writing is a form of art so it’s respectable to say people will have different interpretations and this is one of the many beauties. My favorite part about my work is the work in progress and the finished piece itself. I wake up every morning with a driven challenge. Today’s challenge could be to finish a lyrical phrase, and tomorrow’s could be to develop a catchy melody line for the chorus. Either way, everyday I need to partake in this challenge. It’s not about feeling like writing something today, it’s about needing to write something today so I can function tomorrow. When I finish a song, I have a special attachment to it. It sounds crazy but I’m proud of my finished work. Song writing is time consuming and doesn’t happen overnight (Well sometimes it can actually! LOL). In my eyes, a finished song needs to be perfect so the final piece is a pretty big deal. I write about certain situations that have spurred in my life and turn them into stories within a song. Love, heartbreak, disappointment, rambunctiousness, innocence, temptation, and self discovery are themes commonly revealed through my songs. When writing the piano works as the perfect tool because it helps shape the song and brings the basic sketch together. I begin a piece with an inspiration or certain experience and work my way from that point. I know when a song is finished because everything about it feels right. If I can’t change a song, without it loosing something, and love every moment, to me its complete. When people listen to my songs, if they are struck by any single emotion, it’s a success.

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